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You are invited to be part of SONACA team!


Do you seek a top class profesional experience? Do you seek a challenge in aerospace industrial enviroment? You are invites to be pert of SONACA team!

Sonaca Group is a global Belgian company active in the development, manufacturing and assembly of advanced structures for civil, military an space markets. Sonaca’s core focus is Aerostructures in particular wing skins and moveables where it is the world leader.

It has production facilities in Europe, North-America and South-America and employees over 2500 people including 350 engineers.

Production Engineer – (2 position available)


Project 1:

• Estimating the services offered as time and impact

• Standardization of process and work operations

• Increase efficiency by reducing training times

• Elimination of unproductive times

• The concept of „Manufacturing Waste” and the application of the concept in reality

• Analysis and control tools (PDCA / A6 / Ishikawa concept / concept 5Why, GEMBA, SMART, SWAT diagrams)

• Maintaining a constant production

• Achieving realistic working times

• Reducing errors and increasing product quality.

Project 2:

• Documentation Update and translation

• Learning the process of composites and assembly

• Strength of materials in roofs and composite and Aluminum strength structures

• Use of tools used in aeronautics

• Ways to adjust and improve the strength of manufactured components

• The concept of „Manufacturing Waste” and the application of the concept in reality

• Analysis and control tools (PDCA / A6 / Ishikawa concept / concept 5Why, GEMBA, SMART, SWAT diagrams)

• Maintaining a constant production

• Standardization of work operations

• Application of available documentation in the template

• Technical linguistic extension

Maintenance engineer (1 position available)


• CMMS software – create equipment database

• CMMS software – creation of the database of monthly – semiannual – annual maintenance programs

• CMMS software – creation of spare parts database, suppliers, contracts

• TPM – file update

• TPM – update of TPM based with KPI

• Preventive maintenance programs – creating a new model revision sheet template

• Preventive maintenance programs – updating equipment lists with new maintenance sheets

• CMMS integration – Preventive maintenance plan

• Curative maintenance – database, frequent

• Curative maintenance – work patterns, repetitiveness

• Maintenance contracts – database update

• Maintenance contracts – creation of contract tracking sheets and update calenda

• Spare parts – complete the database with suppliers 

Financial & Admin Assistant (1 position available)


• Recording supplier invoices in SAP

• Register statements in SAP

• Post accounting records in SAP

• Revision and review of supplier contracts

• Sales log verification

• Scanning and archiving accounting documents

• Extract information from the accounting system and prepare various reports

• Preparing and applying inventory numbers to fixed assets

• Other accounting or administrative activities on request

Internship oportunity

• Paid internship;

• Transport allowances

• Location: Turda, Cluj County

• The internship program starts in July 2022 until September 2022 (6 to 8 hours/day)


• Enrolled as a third year student (or higher)

• Fluency in English it’s a must

• Energy and positive attitude

Submit you application at dana.oltean@sonaca.com until 21 of June 2022.

Ai imagini sau informaţii care ar putea deveni o ştire? Trimite-ne un mesaj pe Whatsapp 0744694876
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