Why Is It Important To Edit Video Before Posting On YouTube And Other Channels


Since the steady rise of YouTube, every creator wants to be successful on this platform. In the age of work-from-home, we spend most of our time on the internet. Therefore, this is where advertisers want to catch our eye. So, the best places to advertise are social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and, most importantly, YouTube. While YouTube is not a social media platform, it allows you to upload videos about your products and services.

Video transcription allows captioning, and this helps YouTube optimize your video and present it to viewers based on whom it is best suited to. Therefore, it is one of the best platforms you can use to accelerate your brand or business.

It is important to understand that social media platforms have reach that extends far beyond our imagination. Therefore, you have to ensure that whatever you want to upload is edited to perfection and is error-free. A small error can leave a bad impression on the potential customer base you are trying to reach. Unfortunately, this could lead to loss of potential customers.

Therefore, the aim is to impress people with your video content and your video editing skills. But it is quite understandable that video editing may not be everyone’s forte. Every small business owner is not a qualified video editor. Does this mean that you cannot learn to edit your own videos?

Absolutely not! With the help of video editor tool, you can easily edit your own videos and make them suitable for social media success. The market is flooded with video editor tools today. The AI technology allows detection of mistakes and corrects color too, making your video look professional. This is a tremendous asset in a market crowded with video content. High-quality videos naturally stand out from the rest, and you want to make sure yours is one of them.

But why is it so important to edit videos before uploading them? There are a few reasons we can consider:

  1. Makes transitions smooth: Everyone understands the difference between a well-made video and a sloppy and poorly made one. Videos that are choppy and lag are unpleasant to watch, and viewers will not waste time moving onto the next video. No matter how brilliant the content in the video, if the editing isn’t good, it doesn’t stand a chance against all the other content on social media and YouTube.

So, how do we remedy this? The answer is to make transitions smooth. Using a video editor helps to smoothen out any transitions between scenes, videos and images. It integrates text better and corrects any faults in the brightness or color, so the resultant video is smooth and flows easily.

  1. Makes the video flow seamlessly:Videos must have the perfect flow. You shouldn’t feel discontinuity or that the footage is unrelated. A video editor helps to pace and organize the footage perfectly so that it can get the desired results.
  2. Corrects audio: It can be embarrassing when the audio isn’t in sync with the video. This happens in edited videos too because human error is possible. However, a video editor tool is highly unlikely to make such mistakes. The volume levels are automatically adjusted in parts where it is too low or high. Sound editing is essential because it can add a lot to a video. It can help build up emotions. Therefore, a video editor tool is essential for editing.
  3. Allows a review of the entire video: During the process of shooting footage, there is a tendency to miss out on things. During the editing process, one can take a closer look at the content and make decisions about what to add and what to keep. Editing is therefore essential because you can review the entire footage and fine-tune the video to make it perfect before finally uploading. It is easy to miss out on sequences and make mistakes, but a lot can be addressed during the relook.
  4. Allows last-minute creative decisions: Even famous filmmakers have made massive changes to their movies at the last minute. It is quite natural to make creative decisions during the editing process because this is when the whole video comes together as a whole. Prior to this, there are just parts. Video editing is absolutely essential for success on YouTube, or any other social media platform for that matter. The YouTube algorithm is very strict and allows only the best-edited videos to come to the top. The editing and look-and-feel of the video are perhaps more important than the content itself.

While talking about video editing, we can also consider some best practices that will help you when it comes to editing.

  1.     Renaming files: This may seem trivial and insignificant, but it can go a long way in helping you organize and find files on time. Name them based on scene numbers, sequences, date and content.
  2.     Organize the footage: Create several folders and subfolders to keep your footage in order. This will ensure that you can edit easily and maintain the sequence.
  3.     Always seek feedback: It is best to expose a target audience to your videos before uploading them on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. It can save you from embarrassment and help you understand the problems with your videos. It will also help you do better the next time.
  4.     Always create a backup: It can be devastating if your hard work is lost. So create a backup of everything you do. Older backups can be deleted when no longer needed.
  5.     Add metadata to your video: Metadata helps provide information about your video. This will help search engines find your videos as responses for a search.

Keeping these small tips in mind can help you have a smoother and more seamless experience while editing videos. 

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